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Light's glory is a fictional fantasy universe that has served as the background setting for a series of convoluted and elaborate forum games. The universe has so far been visited in a series of different time periods thereby creating a sort of loose timeline and universe history that can be very confusing to the uninitiated. There are also an evolving set of common concepts to the Light's Glory universe that have remained largely consistent throughout it's fictional existence. This wiki will hopefully help to break down some of this history and some of those concepts into a more organised and digestible format.

The Core GamesEdit

While more games are being created, here are the main completed games in the in-universe chronological order:

  1. Tides of Light's Glory (GM: Nute )
  2. Citadel of Light's Glory (GM: AaronSofaer )
  3. Ruins of Light's Glory (GM: AaronSofaer )
  4. Machinations of Light's Glory (GM: roBurky )
  5. Shards of Light's Glory (GM: Lazy Shiftless Bastard )
  6. Raiders of Lost Glory  (GM: Lazy Shiftless Bastard )

Planned future Light's Glory games:

  1. Decline and Fall of Light's Glory (GM: Speak with Bread )
  2. Machinations of Dark's Glory (GM: roBurky )
  3. The End of Light's Glory (GM: roBurky )
  4. The Lighted Pipe Chronicles: Glory to the Investigator (GM: AaronSofaer )

The Side GamesEdit

  1. Meta-Citadels of Light's Glory
  2. Machinations World: an RPG over IRC

Game ConceptsEdit

  1. Circle Casting
  2. Factions
  3. Exploration
  4. Schools of private communication

Other ThingsEdit

  1. Whimsical Other Stuff
  2. Light's Glory: An Opera with Rocks In
  3. Player List
  4. Character List

Latest activityEdit

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